The First School of Clinical Medicine

9.jpgThe First School of Clinical Medicine is also known as TheFirst Affiliated Hospital, which implements an integrated managing system of teaching, treatment and research. The school has formed a high-level and well-constructed team of 780 staffs, which includes 75 professors, 142 associate professors, 12 experts who are entitled to the state special allowance, 12 National Famous TCM Doctors, 22 Provincial Famous TCM Doctors, 23 supervisors of doctoral programs, 96 supervisors of master’s programs. The school is well established in 6 bachelor majors, including Clinic of TCM (for 7-year schooling), Stomatology, Clinical Medicine, Ophthalmology &. Otorhinolaryngology, Medical Imaging and Medical Docimasia. With the completion of 7-year schooling of Clinic of TCM, students can obtain master’s degree. The school has 9 disciplines to grant doctoral and master’s degree. The First Affiliated Hospital, founded in 1963, is a A-level Third Grade TCM Hospital and Modal TCM Hospital in Hunan Province, with an integrated whole of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention of diseases and health care. In addition, there are the National Liver Disease Center of TCM, the National Eyeground Disease Treatment Center of TCM and Clinical Research Center of Ultramicro Technology of Chinese Medicinal Herbs. It is the national base for medicinal clinical study and provincial base for teaching training of higher education. It is also one of the leading model TCM hospitals in China, which has won many national honorary titles. The hospital covers an area of 110,6 mu, and the construction area is 14,8000 square meters. It has 30 clinical departments, 8 hospital technical sections and 767 beds. The First Affiliated Hospital offers approximately 60 specialized out-patient departments.

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